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About GDA

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We are an information technology and services company dedicated to the implementation of Big Data and Adv Analytics.


We offer strategic solutions to our clients through Data Architectures, Business Intelligence, Data Governance and Data Science.

We meet with clients wherever they are on their journey to change, in all industries around the world.

Our staff is made up of professionals trained in the diverse areas of Analytics. This allows us to provide an excellent business experience.

We count with a 24x7 support center to handle any urgency that may arise.

Our pillars

Trabajando solo en la oficina


Our goal is to promote technological solutions that add value to the different areas of work of our customers, providing a wide range of knowledge and experience that we have acquired over time.


We believe in the power of change and we are committed to the creation of an inclusive and accessible workplace. We are a team of professionals passionate about technology and innovation.



Our mission is to make data the core of every business to solve the analytics unknowns and empower commercial projects with our talents

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